Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers have always been used for decoration at weddings.

Some people choose flowers at their wedding based on symbolic meaning, for example:

Orange blossom ~ purity

Azaleas ~ temperance

Roses ~ love

Snowdrops ~ hope

Red and white flowers are avoided by the superstitious because they stand for blood and bandages.

The groom’s buttonhole is said to be a vestige of the time when a Knight would wear his Lady’s colours to display his love.

Seasonal flowers

Spring: Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Sweet Pea

Summer: Peony, Sunflower, Carnation

Autumn: Aster, Passion Flower, Daisy

Winter: Snowdrop, Tulip, Pansy • All year: Rose, Lily

Types of bouquets

Round ~ Elegant, works well with most styles of dresses

Pageant ~ Modern, Calla Lilies and long stem roses work well

Cascade ~ or ‘Shower’, narrows to a point at the bottom

Nosegay ~ On trend, contains more greenery

Pomander ~ A ball suspended from a loop of ribbon

Posy ~ Small and round, great for flowers girls

The expert! Susan Jane May ~ Bespoke Wedding Flowers

Q: “What is the most important thing to remember when ordering your wedding flowers?”

A: “It’s important to choose your wedding dress first as it can have a huge influence on the style, colour and ‘feel’ of the bridal bouquet”. “Also, if a bride has a particular flower in mind it’s advisable to check when this flower will be in season. Many flowers that are seasonal here in the UK can be imported from abroad most months of the year but this will increase costs and availability can’t be guaranteed”.

Q: “How soon in the planning stage should a florist be contacted?”

A: “Normally six to nine months before the wedding but if a bride has a particular florist in mind then I’d recommend contacting them as soon as their date’s set and the venue’s booked to avoid disappointment.

On a budget? Consider:

Seasonal flowers

Alternative centre pieces i.e.: candelabras



Wild flowers, great for a rustic barn wedding

Happy Planning


Image courtesy of Andy Chambers Photography