Children at Weddings

Children at Weddings

Children at Weddings

As a wedding planner one topic that many couples ask advice over is in respect children attending their big day, how to advise guests their little ones are not invited and how to entertain those children that are.

If your decision is to have no children or perhaps family only, then below some possible options to add to your invitations or info packs to guests.

“Due to limited spaces we respectfully request that children, other than babies under six months old, do not accompany their parents during the day celebration. However should you wish them to join us in the evening, they will be very welcome”.

“It is with regret that we are unable to invite children other than close family”.

“We are so sorry but due to numbers we cannot invite your ‘little ones’, we hope you can still make it”.

“We have a wonderful ‘adult only’ day and evening planned; we cannot wait to share it with you”.

Note: Etiquette wise nursing mothers should have their baby included within their invitation.

Here are  some ideas on how to entertain children, and remember the most important thing is safety, if you are hiring someone to be responsible then you must check they have the correct certification and first aid training:

Clown/Children’s Entertainer

Crèche service

Children’s colouring/play table

Teddy bears picnic, ask each child to bring their favourite teddy, teddy has its own chair at the play table

Treasure hunt

Lawn games

Soft play area/Snug/Den

Seating wise, children should be sat with their parents or on a designated ‘children’s’ dinner table. For the latter we would advise hiring a Nanny or Nursery Nurse to oversee the table.

Whatever you plan to provide in the way of entertainment do let parents know in advance of your big day.

Happy planning