Our top 12 wedding planning tips

Our top 12 wedding planning tips

Top 12 wedding tips

12: When arranging the seating plan try not mix guests up, seat friends and family together, there is nothing better than seeing your guests chatting and enjoying themselves. Alternatively use quizzes or ice breakers to get everyone chatting if they do not know each other.

11: Don’t forget to include yourselves in the head count; you will be surprised by how many couples go two guests over.

10: Use excel spreadsheets for budget lists and guest lists, it helps keep track of numbers accurately.

9: Focus on booking your venue(s) first and once your date is agreed then your caterer and photographer.

8: Put together a rough seating plan and then make changes as your RSVP’s come in. Don’t wait until they are all received. This can be a work in progress and one of the most challenging aspects of planning your big day.

7: When attending wedding fairs don’t get overwhelmed; just enjoy the event and organise all literature once you get home.

6: Start your dress shopping early so there is plenty of time for alterations.

5: Choose your wedding attendants carefully, those who know you the best, who are calm, and good under pressure.

4: If you are having a civil ceremony you must register your notice to marry no later than 28 days prior to your big day. For more information go to: www.suffolk.gov.uk/births-deaths-and-ceremonies

3: Walk slowly down the aisle, take a breath, take a moment with whoever is walking with you, walk in time to your chosen music, pick guests out, keep your head up and smile, because you won’t get that moment back.

2: Leave yourself plenty of time for any DIY projects; time can fly by as your big day approaches.

1: lastly! I tell all my couples this…’It’s your day, so your way’, have what you want that reflects you as a couple.

Catherine xx