Aside from the venue one of the most important suppliers of a wedding is the photographer. It’s the one supplier you will certainly spend time with before, during and after the ceremony, majority of couples will spend between 10-20% of their overall budget on and who create life long memories of your big day. Therefore choosing the right photographer is important!

There are various types of photography used to capture weddings; the main ones are Traditional, Modern, Reportage or Artistic

Some photographers specialise in a certain type others can do a combination, which ever you choose I personally think a combination of two is a good choice. For example the traditional images of the posed bride and groom with loved ones and the whole group shot is great as it ensures all guests are captured, great to use for gifts as well. The more modern or reportage approach is wonderful for storytelling and capturing guests/couples in private personal moments when they do not know they are being photographed, sometimes these are the best ones.

Questions to ask yourself before choosing a photographer:

Do you like their style? Check through their portfolio and ask to see a slideshow of their work.

How experienced are they?

Are they familiar with your venue?

Are they creative? Does each wedding portfolio stand out as personal to that individual couple.

Do you like their personality? Remember you could spend at least 1-2 hours with them on your big day.

Have they a varied portfolio?

Do they offer various packages?


Make a list of shots you would like, with whom and where.

Make sure your groomsmen also have a copy and liaise and help your photographer gather people when needed.

Happy Planning


Image courtesy of Andy Chambers Photography