The roles & Responsibilities of a Bridesmaid

The roles & Responsibilities of a Bridesmaid

The roles and responsibilities of a Bridesmaid!

A wedding is all about team work so getting the right people to support you within your wedding party is essential. In the coming months we will focus of the wedding party and their respective duties, this month the role of your Chef Bridesmaid and attendants.

Traditionally a Chief Bridesmaid or Maid /Matron of Honour is the bride’s older sister or very close friend. It’s a highly responsible role so choose the person who you feel will help with decision making, has similar ideas, good under pressure, confident and who knows you the best.

Main roles of a chef bridesmaid are as follows:

  • Supporting the bride at all times, decision making, ideas, giving advice, dealing with upsets etc
  • Help with favour making, stationery and finite details
  • Accompanying the Bride to dress fittings and shopping excursions
  • Organising a hen night
  • Looking after the other bridesmaids and attendants, making them aware of their duties, checking they have all their accessories and dresses/attire
  • Helping the bride to dress on the morning
  • Walking down the aisle directly behind or in front of the bride
  • Lifting, rearranging the train and veil at the alter
  • Holding her bouquet during the ceremony
  • Standing in the receiving line, if there is one
  • Sitting at the top table
  • Keeping the dancing going on the dance floor

Other attendants:

  • Bridesmaids – Assist the chef bridesmaid with her duties
  • Flower Girls – Scatter rose petals along the aisle for the bride to walk on
  • Page boy / Ring Bearer – Walk with the flower girl(s) holding a cushion or object bearing the wedding rings

There are no limits to the number of bridesmaids or attendants, have the number you are comfortable with. The more ‘entourage’ you have the more costly it is for attire and adds to the planning but it is a great way to delegate and have people around you to comfort and support you on your big day.

Happy Planning

Catherine x