Veils & Accessories

Veils & Accessories

The Veil

Traditionally brides have been thought to be particularly vulnerable to evil spirits. The veil was originally worn by Roman brides and was thought that it would disguise the bride and therefore outwit malevolent spirits.

The veil became popular in Britain in the eighteen hundreds and in this country it is associated with modesty and chastity.

Now veils are far more a fashion accessory and an extension of the wedding dress, there are various styles, lengths and embellishments available.

Bird cage: A small net veil that is worn closely to the face usually with a headpiece or small hat, perfect to complement a quirky or sleek dress.

Shoulder: Short and covers the head and neck, very sweet and looks great with tea length dresses and simple clean lines.

Elbow: Falls half way down the arms, a very popular choice, not to heavy but long enough to make an impact, normally single tier.

Finger Tip: Reaches down to cover the hands, comes in both single and double tier, works really well with large ball gowns and those with lots of pouf at the back.

Chapel: Floor length, this is extremely romantic and is an excellent choice for a church wedding and with a princess or A Line style dress.

Cathedral: Trails behind and reaches to the train of your dress. The ultimate in ‘veil’ it makes a huge statement and impact.


Remember less is more; think about your height, your overall style and embellishments on your dress.

Wait until you have brought your dress before buying jewellery and wait until after your hair trail before buying head pieces and veils so you know exactly what is going to work. Nothing worse than spending lots of money and realising its not quite right for your over all look.