Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

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Cakes have been associated with weddings throughout history. The Romans shared cake during the wedding ceremony which was a plain confection made from wheat flour, salt and water.

In Britain early cakes were flat and round and contained fruit and nuts which symbolise fertility.

The shape of the modern three tiered iced cake is believed to have been inspired by the spire of Saint Bride’s Church in the City of London.

Superstitions & Rituals

It is said that unmarried guests who place a piece of wedding cake under their pillow before sleeping will increase their prospects of finding a partner and bridesmaids who do will dream of their future husbands.

Cutting the wedding cake is now part of the ritual celebrations at the reception. The couple make the first cut together to symbolise their shared future.



Different flavoured tiers.

Using fake tiers to add height.

Coloured icing to match your theme.

Something different? Tiered cheese cake, tiered giant porkpie, macaroon tower, cheese cake or Crispy Cream donut tower.

On a budget?

Invite guests to make cakes/desserts and have a cake table bake off style!

Most supermarkets offer a lovely range of celebration cakes, Marks & Spencer’s being our particular favourite.

Use your cake as your dessert course for the Wedding Breakfast.

The Expert!

Q: “What is the most important thing to remember when ordering your wedding cake”?

A: “It’s your day, make your choice for you. The happiest newly married couples I have had the pleasure baking for are those who have no regrets”.

Kathleen Tofts ~ Beautiful Tiers


Images courtesy of Andy Chambers Photography and Neal Laver Photography

With thanks to Kathleen from Beautiful Tiers and Jean Barker from Amazing Cakes by Jean