The Roles & Responsibilities of a Bestman & Usher

The Roles & Responsibilities of a Bestman & Usher

The roles and responsibilities of a Bestman and Usher

The important decision of choosing his right hand men is up to the groom, for the best man it tends to be a brother or very best friend and ushers close friends.

Ushers tend to be needed more for a church wedding however they defiantly have an important role for a larger civil ceremony.

The main duties for a best man:

  • Arranging a suitable stag do
  • Spending the night before with the groom, making sure he gets plenty of sleep and wakes up on time
  • Helping the groom dress on the morning
  • Standing next to the groom at the alter or ceremony table while he waits for his bride
  • Keeping the rings safe
  • Standing in the receiving line, if you are having one
  • Mingling with guests making sure everyone is OK
  • Giving a speech
  • Organising suits to be stored safety or returned to hire shop
  • Give a reading or be a witness, if required.

The main duties of an usher:

  • Help seat guests, particularly elderly members of the family
  • Organise seating left for the bride and right for the groom
  • Reserve seating for immediate family and wedding party
  • Mingle with guests before and after the ceremony
  • Hand out order of services
  • Organise transportation from ceremony to reception venue for guests
  • Help the photographer gather guests for photos
  • Keeping the dance floor going

A wedding is about teamwork, choose ushers that are chatty, friendly and who will mingle with guests making sure everyone is happy.

Your best man should be totally reliable, organised, a good time keeper, a confident public speaker and who you know will not let you down on your most important day.

Happy planning

Catherine x