Ways to budget BUT have the wedding of your dreams!

Ways to budget BUT have the wedding of your dreams!

Whatever you’re wedding budget there is inevitably an element of compromise on some areas of your big day. With the average wedding now costing £20k+ it’s easy to get carried away with the finer details and forget the key areas that should be focused on.

Have a list of all the payments you are making and a spreadsheet to work out what is still outstanding and when payments need to be made by. There are a lot of suppliers to juggle so lists are a great way to keep on track.

Remember the three key areas to a successful wedding are Venue, Catering and Photography. Get the best you can afford in these areas and then look to budget on the finer details.

Here are some practical tips on how to have the day you have always wanted to fit your budget.


  • Consider Buffet, Hog Roast & Self Service, instead of a traditional sit down breakfast.
  • Doubling up the wedding cake and serve as desert
  • Have a friend or family member make the cake or have a ‘Wedding Bake Off’ where guests bring their favourite deserts and display as a ‘desert table’ for guests to help themselves.
  • Have cup cakes instead of a large cake and use them as favours
  • Decorate a plain iced cake yourself, there are some great options at supermarkets and on-line.
  • Consider sparkling wines; Buzz Fizz etc rather than Champagne


  • Use seasonal flowers
  • Reusing flower displays from the ceremony location to the reception
  • Re-use floral centre pieces and give as gifts to Mothers and bridal party.
  • Add foliage to your floral arrangements or large flowers like Hydrangeas. -
  • Use local florists and ones who work from home

Music & Entertainment

  • Approach a music school/college, perhaps there are students who would like to gain more experience
  • Utilise talented friends who can play instruments or sing
  • Use a sound system and I-pod instead of a DJ


  • Consider fewer guests at the ceremony/day and more in the evening.
  • Have your wedding ‘Off Peak Season’ or consider a mid week wedding
  • Get married later in the day and provide one meal for one set of guests.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to negotiate with your suppliers including your venue. As a Wedding Supplier myself I work with my couple’s budget for their stationery and come up with a design and service that works for them.